Kandoo undertakes to supply our customers with a service that meets the highest standards of quality. It is our objective to ensure that the products we provide fully meet our customer’s requirements and consistently meet and exceed their expectations. Our prime objectives are to:

  • Understand our client’s requirements.
  • Correctly interpret their needs.
  • Provide timely responses.
  • Supply a quality product. To ensure that our objectives are met we have implemented an effective quality management system (QMS). All staff are fully conversant with the responsibilities they have in its implementation and the manner in which the QMS meets the needs of our customers and BS EN ISO 9001.



Our factory has attained full ISO 9001 compliance.

Kandoo offers the option of external quality control inspections on all orders.

We welcome your appointed inspection company or can arrange for a fully certified independent inspection company on your behalf. They will carry out FRI and can audits to internationally recognised AQLs standards prior to shipping.

AQL – Acceptable Quality Levels involve inspections by attributes in which the sample (unit of product) is classified simply as defective or non-defective with respect to agreed requirements.


BS6001 is based on the mathematical theory of probability and provides a fair balance between the interests of the supplier and purchaser. In a given lot or consignment it specifies the number of units to be sampled and the maximum number of defectives allowed in that sample.

The European Union regulation – EC 1907/2006 on Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) entered into effect on June 1, 2007 to regulate various products manufactured worldwide designated for the EU market.

Kandoo Ltd supply REACH compliant Products suitable for European market based on your requirement. Should you need further information regarding REACH please contact us.